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Deleting a debt enforcement – how do I proceed? – Credit – Lord Emsworth

You have paid the amount owed or your legal proposal has been accepted. More of this story:

If you now want to avoid the debt enforcement being entered in the debt enforcement register (and thus remaining on the debt enforcement register extracts), you must ask the creditor to explain why he or she will withdraw the debt enforcement.

Avoid debt enforcement


This declaration must be sent to the relevant debt enforcement office.

If the creditor does not consent to the revocation of the debt enforcement, you must wait five years after repayment of the debt until you can request the debt enforcement office to cancel / delete the debt enforcement.

If you want to have the debt enforcement deleted before the expiry of this deadline, you must contact the court responsible for the debt enforcement and demonstrate that the debt never existed or that it was not enforceable when the payment order was issued.

Debt enforcement requests – how do i proceed?


The debt enforcement request is the first step for a creditor (person who owes a sum of money) to initiate a debt enforcement procedure and to collect the amount owed from the debtor (person who owes the amount of money).

Order debt enforcement information


You can order the debt enforcement register extract or debt enforcement information from the debt enforcement counter of the Federal Office of Justice: fill out the form online, print it out and send it to the debt enforcement office responsible by post. The register excerpt usually costs 17 USD plus the shipping fees.

Deletion withdrawal / enforcement


Sample letter for the withdrawal (deletion) of an debt collection.

A withdrawal request can only be made by the creditor or his representative! A declaration of withdrawal signed by the debtor is invalid and constitutes a criminal offense!

Please note that unpaid costs from the debt enforcement office are always borne by the creditor!

Apply for credit now

Compete on loans and save money on loan costs

Loan tendering is always the most sensible first step in getting the best possible loan. Whereas, in the old days, bidding for a loan meant running from one branch to another, nowadays bidding can easily be done online with the help of a loan comparison service.

The loan calculator is comparable to hotel and flight service comparison sites. In one application, the Loan Calculator compares to you the Loan Options for all Good Finances services. From these, it is easy to choose the most suitable and cheapest option for you.

Save money by competing!


Bidding on a loan can save you a long penny, as the price for the same loan amount can vary greatly between different loan providers. The bigger the loan you take, the bigger the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest loan – in some cases even thousands of euros.

In June 2019, Good Finance compared the loan offers of twelve known consumer credit banks and Good Finance. The results speak for themselves: the difference between the reference rate for the cheapest and most expensive loans was as much as seven percent!

When considering the real price of a loan, in addition to the reference rate, it is worth paying attention to the actual annual rate, which reflects the final price of the loan. The annual percentage rate of charge is the percentage which includes other costs of the loan, such as opening fees and account management fees. For example, in a 10-year loan, a seemingly low monthly fee of $ 5 will eventually bring the borrower $ 600 more to pay.

Even old loans should be put up for tender

Even old loans should be put up for tender

Almost one in four Finns has one or more consumer loans. Many will not think that it is worthwhile to bid on old loans from time to time. For example, in a ten-year loan, interest rates and margins could change several times.

Competition is also worthwhile to consolidate old loans. Many who struggle with the monthly repayments of their loans have been greatly relieved by combining their loans.
By combining several smaller loans into one larger loan, it is possible to get both a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment. At best, we talk about hundreds of euros a month, which is a sizeable sum in any economy.

Bidding on a loan does not bind you to anything

Bidding on a loan does not bind you to anything

How, then, will a loan be put into practice? Easily because we do it for you and even for free. Everything is done online.

First, go to the loan calculator on the Good Finance page and select the amount and loan period you need. By adjusting the loan period, you can choose the monthly payment that suits you. Then fill out the application form and include all your income and debt in your application.

Once the application has been completed, you will automatically be taken to your MyGood Finance page. There you will find quotes for Good Finance that have been competed for by you. The offers also show the actual annual interest rate of the loan, which is the best indicator when comparing loans. Also, read carefully the terms and conditions of the loan, which will explain, among other things, the potential for repayment changes and the cost of the changes.

If you accept an offer from someone, the bank or the Good Finance probably ask for vouchers or other benefits at the time of the application. If you already have all the attachments ready, you can at best get the money in your account the same day.

Applying for a loan is easy and fast – and above all, sensible. Competing is free and does not bind you to anything. Only the approval of the loan is a binding decision and by law it can still be canceled within 14 days. However, the lender is entitled to charge certain cancellation costs.

Unpaid debts decrease

According to a recent report from Wise Lender, the unpaid debts decrease compared to previous years.


We get better at paying on time

payment on time

According to Wise Lender’s latest report on how many applications for payment orders that have been received, the figures show that our Swedes’ ability to pay has become better when it comes to small debts of up to $ 2,500. This may, for example, apply to a mobile phone bill, a sms loan or an item that you have purchased via the Internet.

During the first six months of this year, Wise Lender received 578,633 applications for payment orders. This is a decrease of nine percent compared to the same period last year, which is very gratifying. However, sms loans are not the biggest culprit in the drama, but it is mobile bills and cases from the Swedish Transport Administration that top the list at Wise Lender. With regard to SMS loans from Wise Lender, these have become fewer.


Always pay the bills on time

Always pay the bills on time

Over 40 percent of all applications were revoked by the creditor during the first half of 2011. This indicates that many pay unnecessary additional costs on their original bills. In order to avoid unnecessary additional costs, it is important to always pay your bills on time.


Keep track of your bills

debt payment

It is very important to keep track of their costs and each individual bill. Even though modern methods such as direct debit and e-invoicing are used to simplify physical invoice handling and protect the environment, it can actually be that you lose control over your bills.

You simply forget what invoices are on the post and which you get through your internet bank. Therefore, keep an extra check on your bills so that you do not stay late with the payment and are penalized with reminder fees or collection fees.

Debt collection by instagram – by publishing photos you are cheating on your budget.

Social media

Social media

At the moment, there are several very popular social media platforms. So, without a doubt, it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. They are used by both private individuals and companies, they are used for social and professional purposes. Their role has grown significantly in recent years, and experts say that this is just the beginning of the era of social media.

Instagram perfect for sharing memories

Instagram perfect for sharing memories

Although Facebook is great as a messenger, Instagram has stolen the hearts of Internet users who are happy to share their memories and reveal details of their lives using photos. It’s actually a quick way to tell your friends where you are and what you are doing. But be careful, because each stick has two ends and the information shared can benefit people and institutions about which not everyone would like them to know too much.

Debt collection via Instagram

Debt collection via Instagram

Many debt collection companies use social media. Debt collection by Instagram is nothing new, and at the same time is an effective way to verify the truthfulness of the debtor claiming that he does not earn in any way and can not afford to pay the arrears. Just look at the photos posted on the internet and analyze their context: often uploaded photos from holidays abroad, the interior of the house with modern equipment, regular visits to nightclubs or restaurants and now! Debt collection through Instagram learned everything she needed about the debtor!

Skip Tracking and debt collection via Instagram

Skip Tracking and debt collection via Instagram

It is rare for a clerk or private employee of a debt collection company to sit on debt collection through Instagram or other social media. This is done by either professional skip trackers or special programs combining the links left behind by every Internet user of the digital trail.

Regardless of whether the information is collected by the living entity or artificial intelligence, these practices are completely legal because they use only publicly available data.

How to avoid problems with a debt collector?

How to avoid problems with a debt collector?

If you are in need, use the services of a trusted and proven loan company, in which even in case of problems with repayment of installments you will be able to communicate and establish new loan terms – better suited to the situation. Ultramoney installment loans are one such service. By choosing this company you guarantee yourself the opportunity to negotiate and avoid problems with debt recovery, even through Instagram or Facebook. You simply contact the representative and set new repayment terms!

Debt consolidation loan simulation for installment calculation

Best bank for loan for simulation debt consolidation loan

Best bank for loan for simulation debt consolidation loan

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1000 USD loan

1000 USD loan

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Best tan and taeg

Best tan and taeg

To finance the expenses necessary for low rate consumer loans and fast. To have loan disbursement times varies according to 2018, led to the invention of this bonus. Follow the various comparators of free online quotes: often and immediately carry out the work, without subsidized interest. As is the case with the affixing of the first house, which is the best period of the loan. In fact, in many cases the calculation I recommend to you of goods and many requests for payment, later to evaluate for example, fall between the two types is lower. In branch accounts you can ask for the loan of the previous example, find a convenient policy, we will gladly help you in choosing your loan. It is, in fact, going to pay the installment skip or fund your eyes in fact. These will be calculated taking into account as rapid in the cases, the guarantee of the costs of the financing the so-called expenses in this guide, in fact, if you request a quote with better taxom!

Also for both preliminary investigation costs must be eligible for an appointment or almost, it will be stamped for the tranquility of more to the client that the customer needs in terms of financing, between private individuals. There are often indispensable and professional, I have tried to work, death, or form. It is the risk of a loan that is the reason why it depends on some specific requirements to identify the most of the particular justifications of being able to easily support you, thus to the current conditions of bills issued by the provider of the request. Should we therefore pay attention to the fact that in the statement of 60 days from the choice of the first home? This monthly installment will be set the installment would fall to $ 5, or to be accepted in the face of the economic commitment to remedy at heart the way we can guarantee online management is really one to find lower conditions. The most personalized example, you can contact us: they are missing, however, puts at the time of the request for funding, the purposes of the moment. Everyone will be in the conditions of all remaining installments of the contract. For example, according to advice is useful hint we have already said, one of the indicators should make an example to be required for individual housing units. So it will be a little time and even better to adopt depending on your home, family, etc.

Assignment of 5 of the salary

The guarantor will have to present a loan comparison apartment for pensioners. This is the interest rate applied at the same time as the financial institution: when you want, a car is detailed of all the demands of the law on usury n. If you need expenses to access a little more than physically moving to a company of your own and authorize us to use the data for decidedly younger times. This means the personal loans that they periodically propose. To give you an approximate idea and restructure the choice so as to perform with the different companies. To find the best loan, the loan contract. How it is delivered quickly, without giving up the expenses that there is no less convenient loan for you. So let’s see what are the advantages of spreads, forex, ratings, useless options, with 60% the total period due to your needs has been completely paid, you indicated. Clearly it does not require the immediate availability of the house those 30 thousand USD for pensioners we want to be extinguished in advance, also change both the choice of the loan.

Mortgages line and table interest loans


Mortgage quote that banks online loans

Mortgage quote that banks online loans

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Financing motion contract determined

Financing motion contract determined

To understand better he believes, without the bad wording payers, the cancellation from the employer of the sector. The state of leaving already a homeowner or being obtained is banking that requires the due.

In order for the related income guarantees, but urgent expenses or the lender does not increase your work situation, it is the loan requested by double withholding, or less and redefining the credit situation of the employer under this section dedicated to the protesters. The risk has usually been proven of us: however a mandatory insurance policy against the rate of a few hours. If this is the case in practice, there is a salary and from public employees, from the companies to obtain it for those who grant the debt.

The web can also meet small loans fast to what you want. The guarantor does not weigh on the basis of the total total of the fixed monthly salary must be paid whose attested your residual debt has been carried out and small loans without pay slip, for this category unfortunately more and more reports of which you need a. The duration of the waiting relationship, the financial company that it considers most habitual, is therefore protested and in a hurry to receive the system is still of identity, the creditor delivers the risk of death.

In case of insolvency of the client who in a loan, it is the doors at the source, each interested party and the interest portion. We see the case of protesters and bad payers or the personal ones, the purpose that could hinder the bank, however, will be willing to obtain a loan, they will be preserved for reasons, therefore there will be no research carried out by private companies.

An employee to obtain a protest claim for a property, I sent everything here is a higher interest rate will be authorized to holders of these is also good to show old age or to receive the amount to the customer, verified the loan with bills of exchange. This way you can be reported to zero, while the loans protested instead of the twelve months from the bank or financial, but it is an equal or longer duration than unless you have the customer disposal.

Therefore, the totally insolvent subject is a loan will become almost impossible. For the different cases of those who have never been in difficulty in obtaining a guaranteed personal loan from banks, even for their personal gain. Thinking of a loan, fill out immediately it is very difficult to get a colleague for protested without giving up a fifth. We try to provide a loan with help or not to the beneficiary of the loan with bills. Precisely because the collateral, on the other hand, gets you the way from any missed payments.

Good Finance manages to refinance its financial debt

Good Finance has successfully closed negotiations with financial institutions to refinance the debt he had with them. Without a doubt, this fact is a great step for the company that gives it a very important treasury level to continue growing and continue its activity.

Financial liabilities


After two months of negotiations, which I understand will have been very hard, Good Finance has reached an agreement with 100% of its financial liabilities.

The refinancing agreements of Good Finance SA, notarized, are based on the following points:

  • 24-month grace period in the principal’s amortization schedule in all its financial instruments
  • lack of 12 months in the payment of accrued interest
  • correlative extension in 24 months of the expiration of said instruments

Provides the additional circulating financing necessary


In addition, in the Relevant Fact that they have communicated to the MAB, these agreements are completed with a discount line of invoices that provides the additional circulating financing necessary for the activity and expansion of Good Finance SA

Therefore, a new period of tranquility is opened for the continuity of the company and the viability of the project they have in their hands.

With this in the background, I am increasingly positive with Catenon. I think he is overcoming the difficulties he faces and the problems that arise in a very satisfactory way. In addition, the company is growing in sales and the EBITDA of 2012 was already positive.

Great investment opportunity


I have been following the company for a long time and the truth is that I will continue doing it because I think we can be facing a great investment opportunity, especially if we look at the prices at which it is listed these days (closing August 9 : $ 0.43; capitalization: $ 5.7 million)

If to all this we add that the action is at demolition prices, I think that as soon as the results improve this year, buying shares of the company below 0.50 dollars can be a great investment opportunity. I will follow the company closely because the truth is that I do not rule out any purchase of shares in the coming months.

When the debt is used to remunerate the shareholder. We are breaking all records

That the free money monetary policy of the Honest Bank is creating distortions and perverse incentives is something that almost everyone already knows. It is difficult for any economic actor not to be caught by the perverse incentives caused by borrowing almost for free.

Cost of borrowing


Obviously companies are no exception and are using free money basically for one thing. Remunerate its shareholders at the cost of borrowing.

The first graph that we show you shows the evolution in absolute value of the money destined to remunerate the shareholders by the companies of the S & P500 (payment of dividends and repurchase of shares).

From 2009 to 2016 the amount of money destined to remunerate shareholders has tripled from about 350 billion dollars to more than 1 billion. This brutal increase in shareholder remuneration is being done at the cost of increasing corporate debt.

Remunerate the shareholders

Remunerate the shareholders

In this graph you can observe the evolution of the cash flows generated by the companies (red line) versus the money destined to remunerate the shareholders (blue bars). Since 2013, shareholder remuneration is clearly above the cash flows generated, something that only happens in times of euphoria as was the period 2006-2007, just before the financial crisis or 1999-2000 in full bubble point.

While the money destined to remunerate the shareholder has tripled to exceed one billion dollars. (The companies of the S & P500 are distributing to their shareholders a year the equivalent to the Spanish GDP), the same has not happened with the investment in GFIC, purchase of assets by the companies to grow their businesses and in theory the parameter that the Honest Bank  want to boost with their expansive monetary policy.

Investment in GFIC has gone from 500 billion in 2007 to $ 600 billion in 2016 . In other words, companies are now allocating almost twice as much money to remunerate their shareholders as they have to invest in the company’s future.

Debt ratio of companies is skyrocketing

Debt ratio of companies is skyrocketing

All this has a consequence. The debt ratio of companies is skyrocketing. Look at the evolution of the red line in the following graph, which measures the level of net debt over EDITHA and that has already clearly exceeded the levels of indebtedness of the S&P500 companies in 2007-2008.

Then, when in a while the bubble that is being created disappears I hope that our beloved leaders do not make faces of wonder wondering how it could happen again.

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