Deleting a debt enforcement – how do I proceed? – Credit – Lord Emsworth

You have paid the amount owed or your legal proposal has been accepted. More of this story:

If you now want to avoid the debt enforcement being entered in the debt enforcement register (and thus remaining on the debt enforcement register extracts), you must ask the creditor to explain why he or she will withdraw the debt enforcement.

Avoid debt enforcement


This declaration must be sent to the relevant debt enforcement office.

If the creditor does not consent to the revocation of the debt enforcement, you must wait five years after repayment of the debt until you can request the debt enforcement office to cancel / delete the debt enforcement.

If you want to have the debt enforcement deleted before the expiry of this deadline, you must contact the court responsible for the debt enforcement and demonstrate that the debt never existed or that it was not enforceable when the payment order was issued.

Debt enforcement requests – how do i proceed?


The debt enforcement request is the first step for a creditor (person who owes a sum of money) to initiate a debt enforcement procedure and to collect the amount owed from the debtor (person who owes the amount of money).

Order debt enforcement information


You can order the debt enforcement register extract or debt enforcement information from the debt enforcement counter of the Federal Office of Justice: fill out the form online, print it out and send it to the debt enforcement office responsible by post. The register excerpt usually costs 17 USD plus the shipping fees.

Deletion withdrawal / enforcement


Sample letter for the withdrawal (deletion) of an debt collection.

A withdrawal request can only be made by the creditor or his representative! A declaration of withdrawal signed by the debtor is invalid and constitutes a criminal offense!

Please note that unpaid costs from the debt enforcement office are always borne by the creditor!

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