Good Finance manages to refinance its financial debt

Good Finance has successfully closed negotiations with financial institutions to refinance the debt he had with them. Without a doubt, this fact is a great step for the company that gives it a very important treasury level to continue growing and continue its activity.

Financial liabilities


After two months of negotiations, which I understand will have been very hard, Good Finance has reached an agreement with 100% of its financial liabilities.

The refinancing agreements of Good Finance SA, notarized, are based on the following points:

  • 24-month grace period in the principal’s amortization schedule in all its financial instruments
  • lack of 12 months in the payment of accrued interest
  • correlative extension in 24 months of the expiration of said instruments

Provides the additional circulating financing necessary


In addition, in the Relevant Fact that they have communicated to the MAB, these agreements are completed with a discount line of invoices that provides the additional circulating financing necessary for the activity and expansion of Good Finance SA

Therefore, a new period of tranquility is opened for the continuity of the company and the viability of the project they have in their hands.

With this in the background, I am increasingly positive with Catenon. I think he is overcoming the difficulties he faces and the problems that arise in a very satisfactory way. In addition, the company is growing in sales and the EBITDA of 2012 was already positive.

Great investment opportunity


I have been following the company for a long time and the truth is that I will continue doing it because I think we can be facing a great investment opportunity, especially if we look at the prices at which it is listed these days (closing August 9 : $ 0.43; capitalization: $ 5.7 million)

If to all this we add that the action is at demolition prices, I think that as soon as the results improve this year, buying shares of the company below 0.50 dollars can be a great investment opportunity. I will follow the company closely because the truth is that I do not rule out any purchase of shares in the coming months.

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