Unpaid debts decrease

According to a recent report from Wise Lender, the unpaid debts decrease compared to previous years.


We get better at paying on time

payment on time

According to Wise Lender’s latest report on how many applications for payment orders that have been received, the figures show that our Swedes’ ability to pay has become better when it comes to small debts of up to $ 2,500. This may, for example, apply to a mobile phone bill, a sms loan or an item that you have purchased via the Internet.

During the first six months of this year, Wise Lender received 578,633 applications for payment orders. This is a decrease of nine percent compared to the same period last year, which is very gratifying. However, sms loans are not the biggest culprit in the drama, but it is mobile bills and cases from the Swedish Transport Administration that top the list at Wise Lender. With regard to SMS loans from Wise Lender, these have become fewer.


Always pay the bills on time

Always pay the bills on time

Over 40 percent of all applications were revoked by the creditor during the first half of 2011. This indicates that many pay unnecessary additional costs on their original bills. In order to avoid unnecessary additional costs, it is important to always pay your bills on time.


Keep track of your bills

debt payment

It is very important to keep track of their costs and each individual bill. Even though modern methods such as direct debit and e-invoicing are used to simplify physical invoice handling and protect the environment, it can actually be that you lose control over your bills.

You simply forget what invoices are on the post and which you get through your internet bank. Therefore, keep an extra check on your bills so that you do not stay late with the payment and are penalized with reminder fees or collection fees.

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